Canadian moving companies
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I'm looking for recommendations, advice, and anecdotes regarding Canadian moving companies, as I will be relocating from Winnipeg to Toronto this summer. Can anyone refer me to a good, reliable company?
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If you're shipping your car, SeaRail is probably the best way to go. I've shipped a few times with them.

You *can* store stuff inside your car, but it's at your own risk. I've found that the CN Rail handlers (who have access to your car for about 5-10 min as they load it onto the train) will pretty much rifle through anything they can quickly scan through and steal whatever they can shove in their pockets. I've had a computer mouse, air freshener and a few coins stolen from my car.

Your best bet if you are to ship your car with SeaRail and do put stuff in there, leave it in locked up suitcases to make them inaccessible.
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Well, my parents recently used AMJ Campbell for a move from Ottawa to the UK. I don't think that they had any problems with the move itself. They had a crew of about 4-5 people doing the pack up and 2-3 doing the loading. The process took about 2 days in all (not sure about the delivery). They crew seemed like hard workers and my parents are old hats at this so they provided pizza, drinks etc.. and tipped the crew when they were done.

Not sure how much the move cost, as their employer paid for it.
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