Cthulhu fhtagn! Now feed me!
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H.P. Lovecraft-themed foods?

Am Going to a party on Friday where we shall be watching the silent version of Call of Cthulhu and playing some Lovecraft-themed board game. Would like to bring appropriate food. Please suggest. Vegetarian options very welcome.

Because that's how I roll with the Elder Gods, yo.
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Cocktail suggestions also appreciated.
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You could eat Milky Way bars, which is a little like devouring universes (I know, galaxy != universe)

Along similar lines, you could get a pizza with everything.
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Blood Oranges
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Besides squid?
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Goat with a thousand young cheese pizza.
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Absolutely squid. Though not deep-sea squid—too much ammonia to be palatable.
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I keep thinking of some mushroom dish revolving around the fungi from yuggoth. Maybe the "stuffed mushrooms from yuggoth"...
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...the grilled portabello from yuggoth....
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...or you could cut blocks of mozzarella cheese into 1's, bread them, fry them up...and serve them with marinara as "Deep (fried) Ones"....
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Robert E. Howard's letters to Lovecraft were often concerned with food.

He remarked tangentially, too lazy to actually think of suggestions.
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Shoggoth Smoothies!
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Also asked my next-door cubemate, a sci-fi aficionado, for suggestions—apparently Lovecraft is from Maine, and a lot of his stories have that kind of bent to them, so lobster, crab...the more gigantic, the better!
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Calamari with various dipping sauces (Marinara recipe is in the calamari link)

THAI LIME DIPPING SAUCE (from Blue Ginger restaurant)
Makes about 5 cups
Lasts 1 week, refrigerated

2 cups Thai fish sauce (nam pla)
3 cups fresh or bottled lime juice
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/2 cup chopped fresh basil
1/2 cup chopped fresh mint
1 tablespoon peeled and minced fresh ginger

1 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup sour cream
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon chopped fresh flat-leafed parsley leaves
1 teaspoon minced garlic

You can also get dried squid snacks at asian markets.
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There's also this hot dog roaster which you can probably jimmy together with a Punisher mask, foam core and chopsticks.
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DIY roaster suggestion for display, not for roasting - obviously
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Lovecraft himself subsisted on a diet of Boston Baked Beans and ice cream, according
to George Kuchar's graphic biography in Arcade Comics #3 (1975). Kuchar loosely based his story on August Derleth's biography of Lovecraft.
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You should go for the insane asylum food route, from the Nellie Bly article, they mention being served:
gruel broth, spoiled meat, bread that was little more than dried dough

Also, anything green and liquiding would work (a la re-animator). A jagermeister / chartreuse (a drink so fine they named a color after it) based mixed drink? Or a Navy Grog.

How about vegetarian chicken strips made like fingers (cut off a bit on the top part to make it look like a nail)?

How about this episode of good eats?
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(you would have to use vegan gelatin depending on the vegetarians level of veggieness)
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Punch! Something strong and unspeakable. You could make an ice ring or block and fill it with creepy toys (fingers, eyeballs, tentacles...), or get some dry ice (always impressive at parties) for that smoky look.
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Spaghetti with green food coloring? You could also toss together cubes of jello of various flavors, smash 'em up a bit, then call it "non-Euclidean."
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Pudding. Nothing says, "formless spawn from the dawn of time" like pudding.
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Take hot dog. Stand it on end. Slice vertically from the top to about 1/2 way down. Rotate 45 degrees, repeat until symmetrical. When you cook this, it will end up squid shaped. I'm pretty sure I first saw this linked from Bruce Schneier's weblog.
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Combine a brain mold and agar almond "tofu" (the "one stick" is kind a vague - you'll want a final agar concentration ~ 0.7 to 1% weight/volume).

You can dribble blackberry (or whatever) jam over top.

Sashimi (raw fish) would be part of my Cthulhu mythos-themed food package. Hm, some Japanese restaurants do really crazy rolls that look like caterpillers or dragons and whatnot.
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Fresh Innsmouth sashimi would be nice. Maybe smeared with a bit of nice, green wasabi for a slime effect.

Beefalo, for your genetic mashup horror animal (it's also lean and very tasty).
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Here's what Lovecraft had to say about his own favorite foods. (The list includes but is not limited to beans and ice cream.)

And I agree that lobsters and other sea creatures would be thematically appropriate - I have always thought that shrimp especially looked like sinister little aliens.
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Cthulhu's frozen cthusthard!
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Souls. Eat souls.
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Also, if the game you're playing is Arkham Horror, pick the scientist. And hope your Ancient One isn't Azatoth.

For a cocktail, nothing suggests the epic struggle of good vs. evil implied by Arkham Horror like a layered Dead Nazi. Pour half a shot of Rumpleminz into a glass, then fill it with Jaegermeister by pouring the Jaeger over the back side of a spoon so the liquor runs down the side of the glass. You should get a nice separation this way (it really helps to use a bartender's pour spout- you can get the plastic ones at Zipp's for less than a buck. The pour spout will have a little hole in the top- covering it with your finger will slow the flow of the liquor considerably. This is hugely helpful when pouring layered shots.)

Hell, I'll invent you a cocktail for this occasion.

1 1/2 oz. Jaegermeister
1/2 oz. Blackberry Brandy
3 oz. Cranberry Juice

Chill liquor until frozen like The Blackest Incarnation and serve in a martini glass. Garnish with a gummy worm.
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