A gift for my teammate on the other side of the world!
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I have a coworker I work very closely with who is actually in Manila. I'm in the US. I'd like to get her a little something for the holidays, is there a popular online shopping site for The Philippines (like Amazon?) that I could get her a gift card for?
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Online shopping isn't big in the Philippines yet (many people don't have credit cards + the postal service can be unreliable + when it's hot out, it's fun to go to air-conditioned malls), but Express Regalo is owned and operated by LBC, a big, well-established courier/shipping company founded in the Philippines that does business all over the world, especially in countries with large Filipino populations like the US. I would use their site if I was going to buy someone something in Manila. They have a small selection of gift certificates, the most useful ones being for National Bookstore (the local Barnes & Nobles) or SM (kind of like Kmart). The Christmas Baskets are a good option too.
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Actually, I just remembered the Ayala Group has an online shopping site too, MyAyala: they have a far better selection of gift certificates, and I would totally prefer to give them my money or receive something from them.
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That is PERFECT! We're both in the IT industry, so I was thinking online shopping wouldn't be an inappropirate gift, but paper gift certificates are always better.
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