What good punk/indie/hardcore podcasts are out there?
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What good punk/indie/hardcore podcasts are out there?

I have lost my feeds for good new music. I love bands like Sleater-Kinney, the Bouncing Souls, Against Me!, the Hope Conspiracy, etc... and I'm looking for a good weekly or monthly podcast to turn me on to some new stuff. College radio shows that podcast would be great too.
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I'm very partial to Art For Spastics. It may be a touch at the extreme end of what you're after, but I really love it.
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I'm a fan of Strange Reaction. Mostly older 80's American hardcore, but they mix it up a little bit.
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Mike Lupica from WFMU has an awesome podcast called Anti Static, where he plays three tracks each week, "culled from the wonderfully obscene number of independent 45s that were released throughout the 80s and 90s." I've discovered some of the greatest unknown punk songs I've ever heard by subscribing to this podcast.

Yet one of the 4 million reasons why WFMU is so fricken awesome.
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Also, Ben Weasel, ex-frontman of Screeching Weasel, has an awesome podcast called Weasel Radio.

It's more talk oriented, but he does have a fun weekly feature called "Songs for Jimmy", where he plays musical mentor for a fictional young boy who is sick in a fictional hospital with a fictional illness. His picks are surprisingly diverse, and nearly always great (even his non-"punk" picks). As wierd as it sounds, he turned me on to the awesome Herman's Hermits song "I'm Henery the VIII, I Am" ("Second Verse, Same as the First!")

Unfortunately (for you), he also tends to (rightfully) skewer bands that many hold to be precious, i.e. The Clash, Against Me!, The Beatles, but that's exactly what makes Ben so compelling...100% sincerity.
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Liberation Dance Party (a kinda-indie-ish dance party troupe) out of D.C. has a GREAT weekly podcast! Very much recommended, as we seem to have very similar taste in music.
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I second LDP's podcast. And the party itself if you're ever in DC on a Friday night. Open bar!

Also, Not Your Usual Bollocks is pretty great, though until recently he hadn't been posting them very regularly.
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he hasn't done one since the summer, but the Something I Learned Today podcasts were pretty sweet.
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