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I'm trying to find audio recordings of MRT Stop landings (Singaporean) for a Christmas present.

I'm looking for sound recordings of any announcements (calling out of the upcoming stop) made over the PA system as the train rolls in or out of the station in Singapore's MRT system. Is there a place on the web where these are already accessible? Perhaps a Singaporean Mefite could lend a hand?

I am looking for announcements of the east/west line in particular (but ones around the heart of
Raffles-Newton would be great).

This is for an audio project I'm working on for a friend's Christmas present.
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This site has some field recordings from Singapore, but not the ones you're looking for. Maybe contact the user that made the Singapore ones and ask?
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This site has some sounds and a link to videos, also a forum where you might get lucky asking...

also searching Singapore MRT in youtube gets some results plus see related videos.
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Also Singapore, SMRT, East-West-line, near Buona Vista
try searching youtube for "MRT east-west" I saw several but don't know the MRT stops by name to tell if they are the ones you are looking for.
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