How does your Rummoli board look?
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Rummoli players: what's the best version to teach rummoli to newbies?

I want to introduce the game to a group of people. I grew up with a rummoli board that was heavily hearts-based, like this, made by an ancestor in the 40s or 50s, I think. But I am told that a more even distribution of suits on the board is more prevalent, like this. Also, if anyone has a really good set of rules for the game, I would be very grateful.
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The hearts-based board looks familiar to me. But I think we called it Michigan Rummy.

See the bottom of this page for "official" rules for Rummoli.

And here are rules for Michigan Rummy.

From this site, it looks like both Rummoli and Michigan Rummy might also be related to another game called either Tripoli or Tripoley.
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