In the name of Michael Moore: No free clinics in Dallas?
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Is there a free clinic in Dallas? Or any kind of reduced-payment medical facility, more specifically, for treating injuries vs. illness?

I have of course Googled and called about 30 numbers that came up from Yahoo Answers and Free Medical Camps. I also called Parkland Hospital and even called 311 to ask the city directly. I pretty much got no answer; the numbers were old, or I was told to arrive at 7 a.m. after filling out loads of unemployment paperwork and even then, no guarantee that Parkland could see anyone for up to 24 hours. Is there ANY place to go without being billed later for a huge emergency room fee? If Parkland is the only option, can the bill be covered by Medicare or Medicaid if the injured/sick party is unemployed? I'm hoping for first-hand experiences or medical personnel who might have an inside track on this. Thanks in advance!
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If you are a resident of Dallas County and and you live at twice the federal poverty level or below, I believe Parkland must provide free treatment. Unfortunately, it is the only such facility in Dallas, which is why they have such long waiting periods.

Another possibility is Agape Clinic (associated with Baylor).

I have had no personal dealings with either Parkland or Baylor as a charity case, and IANAD, so I do not meet the criteria requested in your last sentence. Hope this helps anyway.
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Have you tried Primacare? I don't know if the "Doc-in-the-Box" is what you need, but they're inexpensive and there's usually a relatively brief wait.
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Yeah, Primacare requires you pay them before you get treated unless you have insurance. They have a sign up in the window. Last time I had MRSA, I went there, and they knew it was me and I'd been there before for the same thing... and the doctors let me sit in a room by myself for an hour and 15 minutes, alone, waiting. I was the only one there. I finally ventured out to look for someone with my good eye (my left eye was swollen shut with infection) and they were arguing over who "had to deal with me." I don't plan on EVER going back to a Primacare... but I will check out the Agape Clinic. Too bad they're not open today...
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What about Central Dallas Ministries' Community Health Services? It looks like they have hours everyday.
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Even better, check out this page from the Dallas County Medical Society. The page looks like it might not have been updated in a while, but it might not hurt to give some of the listed clinics/services a call?
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Ah yes, girlbowler; I didn't search under the word indigent! good call!
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FYI, my friend's trip to Parkland cost $1200 and a 17-hour wait. Nothing's free in Dallas.
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