Christmas Lights In Vancouver?
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Where can I find neighbourhoods that are lit up to the nines with Christmas lights in Vancouver, BC?

Where are the better known places to go to see some great Christmas light displays setup by neighbourhoods? We live in Burnaby, so anywhere within a 40 minute drive or so would be great.
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North Surrey is a great place for a show, and is under 40 minutes from most places in Burnaby Check out this description.
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this doesn't exactly answer your question, but if you happen to be in the area, the block at 10th Ave and Columbia St. (very close to Vancouver City Hall) is very beautiful and lit up at night year round. Huge trees, all heritage houses that been restored, etc. However, it's just one block so I don't know if it's worth the drive from where you are Photo -> here
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this link is a great place to start
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I recall my wife's old neighbourhood in Coquitlam had a couple of streets that went all out on lights. I'll ask her and post if she has any recommendations.
Maybe White Rock?
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