How do French folk size their kiddiwinks?
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How do I search French ebay effectively for lots of used French childrens clothing?

I have stumbled across some fantastic auctions for lots of clothes in the past. Lot being the French word. Not as in A lot. (And now I want more lots!!!)

And stumbled is the word. My baby is now in size three clothes. Or about 90 centimetres. Or 36 months. Or 3 ans.

I can't for the life of me work out how to search French ebay narrowing down the criteria. LARGELY I am sure this is because I don't know the common/garden language for talking about childrens sizes for the common french man.

When I use the words l"ot+vetements" I get lots of hits. But the amount is unwieldy.

How can I word my searches to find size 3-4 clothes for a girl on ebay? And what do normal french people use to define this size/age?

I really truly have used google to look in to this, but it doesn't really help with colloquial French sizing language.

Or tips for narrowing French searches. Crud.

So, please help me folks. My French, my sizing and my searching skills are all terrible. I'd also be grateful for ideas on how their sizing is used as kids get older. Thanks lovies.
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Response by poster: I should stress that it's lots that I'm looking for.

Otherwise the postage is prohibitive to Australialand.

Again, thanks in advance and sorry if the category is wrong.
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Response by poster: Bugger.

Rewrite this....When I use the words "lot + vetements" I get lots of hits. But the amount is unwieldy.
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Best answer: I got quite a few results searching for 3 ans within Lot de Vêtements


this was 4 ans but maybe for next year ;)

There was also these Bob the builder stuff, but might be too boyish for your little girl. There doesn't seem to be much for the girls.

The Bébé category has a few more things, still mostly for boys, it has refine your search options but only up to 24 months (but there is still a few 3 ans in there)
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Best answer: Are you using their "finder" tool? Because you can narrow down clothing for girls ("filles") by size ("taille", which is listed by age) using the drop-down menus, and then just search for the word "lot".
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Best answer: Try this link.
I got it that way, in 3 steps:
- go to category "Fille" in "Vêtements & Accesoires".
- choose the right "Taille" on the left-hand side. "3-4" ans in your case, then click on "Afficher les objets" below.
- then type "lot" in the search bar.
Good luck.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone.
I must be an idiot.... but it never occurred to me to search!

That part helped a lot.

Again, many thanks.
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