I am a genius
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In the movie "Shaun of the Dead" there's a mug that says "I am a genius." I want one.

During the scene where Shaun goes through the various plans to save his mum and Liz he holds up a mug that says "I am a genius." You can see the mug in question starting at 00:21 in this clip.

Google has failed me. Any suggestions on where I might find one?
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Best answer: This one comes really close. Just searching on froogle.google.com for genius mug.
posted by knave at 8:09 PM on December 17, 2007

You can make your own mugs at CafePress. I've heard some complaints about the quality of their t-shirts, but nothing about the ceramics...
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Find a local "paint your own ceramics" studio and either a) paint your own or b) commission someone on staff to make one for you. It won't cost more than ten bucks, likely.
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CafePress is a good idea. I mean, sometimes you want a Sunnydale Razorbacks mug but since fictitious kitchenware is hard to come by you have to make your own. I found a high quality image online and am very satisfied with my DIY mug.
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Not sure if its helpful but the font looks like the one used on Purple Ronnie cards, a brand in the UK. Might be one of theirs...
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Response by poster: knave - I searched on google products (which I honestly thought was the same as froogle) but never came across that one. Thank you, that might be close enough to do the job.

Making our own via Cafepress was the backup plan. The Purple Ronnie cards look promising font wise, unfortunately their main site is down at the moment.
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I bought a coffee mug years ago from CafePress. It's my favorite mug. The picture has blurred a bit with time and frequent washings in the dishwasher, but the mug is quite large and has held up well. So I could tentatively say (because I do not know if they have changed their supplier in the intervening years) that CafePress does in fact do good mug.
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If you can get (or make) a still picture, and convert it into a jpg, then there's probably a photo place nearby that can put it onto a mug.
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Best answer: The designer of the Shaun of the Dead mug is, I think, Toby Pimlico (aka Toby Mott). But that mug doesn't seem to be in stock on the website.
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Response by poster: essexjan - bingo, they only have it on a baby t-shirt at the moment, but that's exactly the design. Thanks!
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