A cat window perch without screws or velcro?
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I’m looking for a cat window perch similar to this one, that doesn't require any modifications to the window.

I’m looking for a cat window perch similar to this one.

The problem is I want a perch that doesn’t require any modifications to the window (that means not just no screws, but no velcro attached to the window sill either).

All the brands I’ve found that say ‘No Tools Required’ on the box use velcro, though they don’t say anything about velcro on the box. So, are you aware of any brands that you know for certain don’t require velcro, or anything else? Or is what I'm asking for not possible?

The window sill is 3 and 1/2 inches wide and 1/2 inch deep on the window side.

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My cats have two Cat-Nappers, which is very similar -- attaches with velcro. The kitties love them.

If you're handy, you can modify any of these velcro-attaching platforms to not require gluing or screwing to the sill -- add a metal strap to the platform frame, and put a bend in the far end so it catches the far edge of the window sill. (I can draw a picture if required.)
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Best answer: What part of the world are you in? There's a pet supply store in the Northeast, Pet Supplies Plus that carries them (I've picked up several from them - no screws, no velcro, no modifications are necessary.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, Cat Pie Hurts. What size are the window perches you refer to? I was hoping for a large one, along the size of 24 inches.
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(Sorry..I have poor thread tracking skills).
The ones I have are 18"x12". While they don't look big, my somewhat gigantic cats (15lbs and 16lbs) are quite comfortable curled up on them (it's especially cute when their paws hang over the edges).
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I was on the same quest, finally gave up, and bought one of the velcro ones and used it without the velcro. Where I live now, I have an old wooden window that shuts like a vice. I used some thick twine looped around where the "legs" on the bottom meet the platform (so the twine is one big horizontal loop right under the platform), and I shut both twine ends in the window (after tying them together to make one big loop). So far it's working out. It's been up since October. I check it periodically to make sure the twine's not slipping or rotting-- eventually I'll replace that as it starts to show some wear.

This only works if you really trust the seal of the window (vice-like) to hold the twine plus the platform and the cat's weight (smallish and not able to leap directly onto the platform).
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