Craving a winter swim but it's not worth chlorine smell
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Non-chlorinated winter swimming options in or around NYC? (Sustained swimming, not quick dips like the Polar Bear Club takes at Coney.) Just asking in case there's some idea I'm totally missing, short of "go somewhere warmer."
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You could always call pools and ask for pools that use either bromine or salt instead of chlorine, as those are the only two other options. On the off chance you don't know what those were. But every pool uses one of bromine, salt or chlorine.

But google tells me the 92nd St Y has a pool that is disinfected via ozone. Who knew such things existed. Huh.
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Interesting! Thank you! I shudder to think what a membership there must cost (for those who don't know, 92nd St is, like, a famous rich-people Y) but I will give them a call....
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$83 per month with a 12 month minimum ($996 per year) and a $254 initiation ($200 off though in December).
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Which is what a family membership costs at most Y's I've been to. If that's for one person, it's high, but not outrageously so. The Y is usually a pretty good deal, apparently even on 92nd St.
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So I will look for places that have a day-pass option for pool access, and use salt or bromine. (I definitely couldn't afford a year membership like that.) Thanks for that salt/bromine info -- I didn't know about the non-chlorine options.
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