portable guitar with built-in amp/speaker?
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Can you recommend a travel electric guitar with BUILT-IN AMP/SPEAKER? (more inside).

Which one have you liked and why? Should have built-in ability to do decent rock/metal distortion. Doesnt have to be loud, but should sound and play decently. For personal use in hotel rooms when travelling.

Would be best if it can run on batteries, but plug in is fine too.
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(p.s., full size from a real guitar company would be best, tho i'd consider smaller ones or more generic ones so long as they're functional!).
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Squire makes a mini stratocaster with a built-in speaker, you can find it here. As its a mini, it should be a little easier to travel with.
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I also dimly recall ibanez having a line with built-in speakers at one point, though that coule be the lack of sleep talking.
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This isn't quite what you're asking for, but if it were me I'd use a regular guitar with a mini amp like this one. I've used that amp and it sounds pretty cool -- plus it has a headphone jack.
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Why not use guitar headphones, which means you could rock as hard as your hearing will allow, but not upset your hotel neighbors?
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If you might consider to ditch the speaker, I'd say: bring your own guitar (or a good, compact guitar you're comfortable with) with a portable amp simulator like this one or this one and play with a decent pair of headphones. As good as it can be, a 2" cone is nowhere near a full stack of full-sized speakers cranked to 11.

If you feel the speaker is a necessity instead, this little guy will bring you hours of joy, doubling as a preamp/booster with a regular amp, and also to loudly drive a larger speaker cabinet.
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Denofsizer - i sometimes play for my travel mates ;) so built in speaker would be most convenient. Besides, headphones mess up my hair ;P
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The Fernandes Nomad series travel electrics are great, but I'm not sure whether they make them anymore. You can pick one up on EBay. They play great, and sound as good as you can expect. They are also compact for travel, though they do not have a super short neck (the little body is what makes all the difference re: size).

But I would just take a regular electric and a Smokey Amp. I love mine, and I record with it quite a bit, too. It's fantastic. It sounds a million times better than one of those little Marshall or Fender mini amps.
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hmmm, the price is right on the smokey amp; I suppose I could velcro it to the guitar ;) I guess I'll think about that one.
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I'm not sure why it needs to physically be on the guitar. I just slip the Smokey amp in my back pocket and it works great. Or you could velcro it to the strap.
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I can't vouch for it, but Pignose makes this guy.
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Nthing getting a small practice amp. Think about it: this is your chance to get a short-scale guitar (reissued Fender Mustang, anybody?) that will have some real use beyond just travel-jamming.
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thanks for the ideas everyone. I guess I'll consider a travel amp. The fender mustang looks nice too. ;)
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I can't vouch for it, but Pignose makes this guy.
I can vouch for it; it's a quite amazing little beast.
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My former boss had one of those little pignoses, and he loved it. I heard him noodle on it all day and it sounded pretty nice.
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the pignose looks beautiful too. I'll prolly go with the mustang or the pignose guitar. I think i'm too wedded to the idea of a 'built in amp'. So convenient -- just pick it up and play.
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