What is the name of the photography machine that takes 360 degree views of items?
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There is a piece of photography equipment that helps you take 3D/rotatable product images. What is the name of this equipment or where can I find it?

I can't, for the life of me, remember the name of this photography machine/equipment. It's basically a box that you set an object in (shoe, toy, whatever) and it has all the necessary lighting built in and then rotates the product for your to take pictures of it. The end result being a 360 degree view of the item.

Any ideas on an official name of this product or where you can purchase it?
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The end results is called an Object VR, which you can Google.
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Something like the Ortery PhotoCapture 360°?
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Softbox + Lazy Susan?

I've looked in the product photography section of my B&H catalog and never saw a rotating plate or similar, and their kits get pretty fancy. I believe that it's just some simple circular display stand placed in a softbox to help keep it in the same place while you rotate it and take pictures. You could draw increments on the base to make exact rotations.
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One of my clients uses EGG Solution (eggsolution.com). I didn't see the photography-taking when it happened, but here is the end result: grand tour.
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Kaidan PiXi?
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