What movie is this line from: "Get out of my way!"
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Can you help restore my sanity, where is this movie line from "Get out my way!" ?

I've had this line from a movie stuck in my head for more than a week. The line is either:

"Get out of my way!"


"Get outta my way!"

I'm pretty sure it's spoken by someone with an accent (genuine or acted) and I think might be in a war / fighting genre of movie.

The only mental picture I can gather for the line is possibly someone on a horse about to go into battle but I don't think that's right. It might also be from the movie Ever After (with Drew Barrymore)

Any ideas? Thanks!
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IIRC, Cosmonaut Lev Andropov, played by Peter Stormare in Armageddon shouts this while he's trying to save the Russian Space Station from blowing up.

In Russia, he is very big man, you know...
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Are you thinking of Jenner, the bad guy, at the end of The Secret of NIMH?

Around Mrs. Brisby's neck, the Stone suddenly flashes bright red for a moment. Jenner is stunned.

The Stone....


Get out of my way!

Jenner shoves Justin backward, and slashes at him with his sword for good measure. The sword connects with Justin's arm. He grimaces with pain.

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You can watch it here.
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I would also guess Armaggeddon with Peter Stormare (who incidently is from Sweden, and as far as I know don't have any russian ancestry at all - but happen to play russian villain again and again).
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Grima Wormtounge says it in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers after he's expelled by King Theoden from Rohan. He pushes some villagers angrily aside yelling "Get out of my way!" and then, from memory, he hops on a horse and rides away.
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I was thinking of Secret of Nimh too! Can hear it clearly in my head. Doesn't really have an accent though.
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I was thinking Arnold Schwarzenegger for some reason. Possibly "Kindergarten Cop" or maybe "Total Recall" ? I can't seem to pin it down via google search.
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Namewithoutwords, Arnold says "Get out" in T1.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far.

I was thinking it might be Armageddon myself but that's not it (I checked). I've never seen Secret of Nimh but the delivery of the line is really bang on, kind of freaky there.

I'll have to pop LotR: TT to check the Wormtounge scene but I don't think he has the kind of force / presence to pull the line off how I hear it in my head.

Keep em coming! :)
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The Mummy Returns has this line.
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This is possibly the weirdest question I've ever seen on Ask. Nobody else thinks so?

There must be at least ten thousand movies with this line of dialog.
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AmbroseChapel, that was my reaction as well. And then I was even more shocked by how lousy IMDB's quote search is. I can think of one instance of the line that I can't place as well, and nobody has come up with it here yet. Oh well; we're both getting deleted.
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Response by poster: AmbroseChapel, yeah that's why I waited a while to post it. I've asked everyone I know, and a few strangers at this point, and as iquanapolitico pointed out the online quote searches are really pretty useless.

I didn't actually think I'd get any responses, but have been pleasantly surprised.

I'm beginning suspect in the end I'll have to take a part time job at a movie rental place so I can check every movie.
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Um, no horses or fighting but the line made me think of someone a little drunk/hyper. In which case, Withnail and I?

Withnail: My wife's having a baby. Listen, I don't know what my f.. acquaintance did to upset you but it's nothing to do with me. I suggest you both go outside and discuss it sensibly, in the street. [runs] Ahhhh, out of my way!
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The line has some fame in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", when John Galt says it. That's not a movie, but for some folks (me, for example) a book read long ago has just as much visual memory as a movie seen.
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