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How long do I have to consume a bottle of opened Marsala?

Last night I made a nice Chicken Marsala (it was delicious) and now I am left with about a half bottle of Sweet Marsala. Short of me getting a nice glass and consume it all while watching a few DVDs, how long do I have to consume it before it goes completely off? Is the time frame closer to traditional table wines or more like port and sherrys? Do I need to hurry up and back another batch of Chicken Marsala or can it wait 'til I get back from the holidays?
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If refrigerated, about a month. This from my lovely fiance, who operates a wine shop.
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It's basically like a sherry. So I reckon chudmonkey's lovely fiance is about right. Many people keep opened bottles of sherry in the sideboard for much longer than that, of course, but it isn't ideal; Madeira is the only fortified wine that keepsb well for a long time once opened. If you're set on keeping it, one of those patent things that pumps the air out of the bottle would help.

But I think drinking it or cooking with it is the best solution. You know you can use it for zabaglione? There are some other recipes here though I can't vouch for them. I reckon it would actually be good in many different sauces, casseroles, and soups, and very probably in Chinese food, too.
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Thanks for the advice. The bottle is safe and snug in my fridge now. When I get home I will use it all up and check out the recipes you linked to Phanx.
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I suggest you think about making some Zabaione before you are done with that wine.
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