Who makes personalized bath products?
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What web site provides a "Design Your Own" service for unique personalized bath abd body products?

Several years ago I found a web site (via MeFi or some other similar method) that created personalized bath products for you or someone you know. The process involved a questionaire that I completed online with questions relating to the person's personality, likes and dislikes, and colors and other concepts.

Somehow, by using this information, they create customized products for you. I completed the questions then ordered body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The packaging and product names were also personalized with messages that I chose... in small words on the back of the bottles there was a link to the web site with a code to reorder that specific type of product.

Fast forward to Christmas, 2007. Wife tells me that this was one of her favorite gifts of all time and that she would like me to order it for her... trouble is I have no idea what the site was, nor do I have the original bottles or email from the order.

Lots of googling and reading has left me with absolutely nothing... not even a similar service. Does anyone know of the company that I am looking for? Have they gone out of business? Is there a similar site where I can order this type of personalized product?

Thank you!
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Oh, man, I'll bet you'd used Reflect.com. It doesn't exist anymore. I loved it, too! Garden Botanika offers custom fragrance that you can then use lotion, body wash, and the like. You only pick notes, tho; there aren't neat pictures and moods.
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(Full disclosure: self-link.) All the links I had in the Cosmetics section of my directory of customizable products are now defunct, but the Fragrances section might help.
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It was Reflect.com, and it shut down in 2005.
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Why did my brain not register that houseofdanie already said that? Anyhow, TheSoapOpera.com also does something similar to the Garden Botanika people. This sort of custom scenting is common these days, but I haven't found any sites quite like Reflect since.
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It was Reflect.com... it's a shame they are gone... it was really a great product. The custom fragrance sites are nice, but there was something really fun and magical about Reflect.com's method of fragrance selection.

Thank you for helping us remember such a great memory!
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