What happens when you suck a Mac power cord?
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What happens when you suck a Mac power cord?

Before you nominate me for a potential Darwin award, read on. I was working on the Powerbook, and the power cable happened to be unplugged (from the Mac, but plugged into the mains) and lying on the ground. Suddenly I happened to spot my 9 month old baby about to stick it into her mouth -- the end that normally goes into the Mac (held magnetically). I grabbed it from her in time, but have been shuddering ever since at the thought of what might have happened. What I imagine, anyway. Anyone know what would happen?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: double. -- jessamyn

Macbook or powerbook? You say magnetic, so I'm assuming Macbook. Previously.
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you may be surprised to know that this exact question has been asked and empirically researched here before.
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Response by poster: jessamyn -- you put me to shame. I always search before posting, but this time I just assumed it wouldn't have been asked before. I'll know better next time. Thanks!
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Hey no need to apologize at all, but I'll close this down since it's a 100% double.
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