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Visual Web Interfaces for Workflows - I have a complex workflow that I need users to be able to set up quickly and easily. I need suggestions and examples on how to visually / interface-wise represent this complex workflow.

The workflow has a 'default interactions' portion -- which is basically a list of questions like "In case A, how would you like us to handle situation B?" and then a list of options in exclusive and/or columns. That's fairly easy to make work.

The second part of the workflow is a portion relating to one of the objects. For example, let's say the object is a secretary at work.

- Go to file cabinet A.
- Get all of the files for today's cases.
- Photocopy them 4 times.
--- Send one copy to insurance,
--- put one copy in my 'today' basket,
--- send one copy to billing
----- If the patient is a medicare patient and this is a qualifying procedure, send it to the medicare billing department (else)
----- Send it to the insurance billing department.
--- have one copy ready for the patient."

But the user needs to be able to edit all of these, and needs to be able to apply a limitless number of variations and if/else clauses ... and still have it be simple enough for your average, well, secretary.

My head's pretty much swimming. I'm looking for examples of things like Jira's Workflow Conditions and other similar exceptionally complex filter/query algorithm display mechanisms.
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I've used a commercial product, Domino Workflow (part of the Lotus Notes/Domino product family) to do this. Here's an academic site, and a related one, that compare various commercial products, and discusses some ongoing research into workflow pattern representation, including the YAWL language.
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