get out of my head baby dango!
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ObviousFilter: What current hip-hop song has a chorus that goes "I'm rich, can't help the money I spend, (something something) car I'm driving..."?

I thought this was a popular enough song, as I've heard it on the radio a half dozen times in the past two weeks. However, googling "I'm rich"+"can't help the money I spend"+lyrics returns only one hit, and it's somebody else asking what song it is! I've looked up the top ten hip-hop singles on and listened to clips from ALL of iTunes top 100 downloaded hip-hop/rap songs, and I've got nothing. Please PLEASE help me get this song out of my head!
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"I'm Rich" by Ricco Barrino -- see MySpace
posted by rooftop secrets at 5:33 PM on December 14, 2007

I'm Rich Dope Boy Fresh by Ricco Barrino?
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that's it! and it explains why i'm hearing it so much but it isn't in the top 100- he's a local artist (greensboro nc).
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man, his PR people need to step up they're game- he doesn't have a wikipedia page yet.
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*their, duh.
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All of them.
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