Jogging down memory lane.
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Anyone familiar with nursery schools or grade schools in the East Los Angeles or Pico Rivera, CA, area in the mid-to-late '70s? A name to go with the memories would be most welcome.

I was born in 1975 and my birth parents and I lived in Pico Rivera, CA, on La Docena Lane in the vicinity of Rivera Park. I attended either preschool or kindergarten while living there. The few details I can recall are sketchy but seem unique enough that it might jog someone else's memory.
  • The grounds were based on a courtyard plan. Not entirely unique for the area, I'm sure. This courtyard was landscaped with lush tropical plants.
  • There were two playgrounds, side by side and not within the courtyard. One playground had typical equipment--swings, slides, and monkey bars. The adjoining lot was paved and had tricycles and another type of wheeled ride-on toy pedaled with one's hands.
  • The playgrounds were next to a fenced-in area with at least two giant tortoises we could observe and sometimes feed.
  • Another part of the school grounds had a wee carousel with wheeled horses that we pedaled like bicycles.
I haven't any family members I can ask about this place I remember so fondly. Thank you.
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St. Marianne De Paredes Elementary School seems to be the physically closest elementary school to your street.
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Lawrence T Magee looks like it could fit - courtyard, paved and unpaved play areas, etc. No tortoises on the satellite image, though.
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