How to keep my calendars synchronised?
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I want to synchronise calendar information between my Outlook 2007 and Google Apps for my domain.

Also I'd like to keep my PDA (Win Mobile 5) in sync. Currently I use ActiveSync to keep that side of things going.

I'm self employed and I have a some major contacts that ask me to work for fifty to one hundred days over the year. Inside those contracts individual clients get to choose which days I go into their workplaces. My clients for each contract need to see 'their days' and where I am when I am working on their contract. They don't need to see where I am at other times. They subscribe to my Google Apps calendars to see this information.

My partner (who also uses Outlook 2007) is also a busy person. It would be great for her to be able to have full two way synchronisation with the family calendar. She doesn't need (or want) to see all of my client information.

So, because I'm going around in circles with this I thought I'd ask for some help? How can I keep everything in sync but separate? I don't mind paying a few dollars!
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The answer for calendar synchronization is always Plaxo.
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I've been using OggSync to sync Google Calendar with my Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone. I believe they have something that works more directly with Outlook, but I haven't used that function.
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I use GSyncIt, although I can't say it has worked great all the time. When it does work, it is invaluable.
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Let's try that link again....GSyncIt
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all. Plaxo doesn't seem to sync with GCal. I've looked at GSyncIt before and haven't had a lot of luck. Will definitely be having a closer look at OggSync.
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Plaxo syncs great with Google Calendar, that's what I use it for. Well, Google Calendar, multiple copies of Outlook 2007, and Yahoo Calendar. And I've never had any problems with any of them.
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Plaxo's sync is great when it works. But Yahoo! sync has been offline for over a week, and the "premium" tech support just reiterates that it's not working -- with no idea when it'll be fixed.
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