Best Lighting Solution For A Vanity
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How can I add lights to a table-style vanity for best results (i.e. applying makeup, etc.)?

I'm buying my wife a vanity for our bedroom. Right now, she uses the bathroom pedestal-style sink, balancing her things precariously on the edge. The lighting in there is good, with a bright fixture on either side of the mirror and a strong overhead light.

The vanity I purchased is the three-mirror kind (the two side mirrors swing inward), with a chair and drawers. I'd like to provide some stylish but functional lighting. So it has to be bright enough, but probably not an open bulb staring into her eyes. Table lamps are possible, as are floor lamps that stand in back maybe. Electrical supply is not an issue.

Makeup stations at spas, etc. use the rows of bulbs. Am I going to have to retrofit something like that onto the mirrors?

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run xmas lights around the edges of the mirror tryptich? failing that, incandescent lighting that comes from both sides -- a pair of lamps, maybe?
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I think most of the holiday lights these days are LEDs and in any case I'm guessing they have sucky CRIs. You'll definitely want incandescent lights, as they have a near perfect colour rendering index... which is very important for a make up table. (Although if you really wanted to splurge and she works in an office with those horrible blue cheap/office fluorescents, you could have some of those on a separate switch so she'll be able to see what kind of death warmed over she'll look like in that light.)
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