Looking for something a little different to listen to
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Looking for good, guitar-driven new music that rocks, but that's away from the early 80s influenced, quirky indie pop that's been so ubiquitous of late. Can you help?

So, I loved Interpol, the Stills, the Dears, Franz Ferdinand, British Sea Power, TV on the Radio, Arcade Fire and all that, but I'm done with it. Just plain bored. Is there any guitar-driven new music (on iTunes, eMusic, or elsewhere) that has really captured your imagination in the past year, that is cathartic and or just plain rocks? I am just feeling stagnant, and bored with what I've been listening to, and need help moving on.
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When I get to feeling that way I always put in some AC/DC. For something more recent I'd suggest Ted Leo. The boy can definitely rock.
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Best answer: Check out Coheed & Cambria. I haven't gotten their brand-new album, but they do rock. Also, Brand New's new album (come to think of it) was pretty good too. Against Me!'s new album is pretty good too, although I prefer some of their older stuff.

And, in terms of guitar bands, you can't ignore Mastodon. And Baroness's new Red Album is pretty freakin sweet metal, soaked in bourbon and southern-rock riffs.
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New music, you say. How about a MetaFilter Approved list of the best new music in 2007. How about 13 lists? Here you go.
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Priestess, High on Fire, The Binges, The Sword, and seconding Mastodon.
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Best answer: Circa Survive, Silversun Pickups, Mute Math, Flyleaf, The Starting Line, Anberlin, Angels & Airwaves, Chevelle, Deftones, Thrice.
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Ooo...right, seconding Ted Leo. He can rock. You'll want to see the newer angry stuff. The older stuff is sort of like what you're trying to avoid, methinks.
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Deerhoof is meatier and more unpredictable than the bands you're bored of. Track 3 'Believe E.S.P.'on the recording Friend Opportunity is a good place to start.
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Best answer: The Thermals might do you good. Awesome, rockin' tunes. Guitar, bass, drums and that's about it.
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Battles - Mirrored (there's a video preview).
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Death to Our Enemies
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The Concretes (some of it)
Nada Surf - I had a huge antipathy toward them after hearing Popular. The rest of their catalog is completely different and pretty incredible.
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How 'bout outside the US? Tankcsapda (x2 lawks! they rawks), Depresszi├│, Alhana, Nox, oh, and here's newest from Korpiklaani though I imagine you might know them already.
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Aberdeen City
The Automatic
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Oh, I have to recommend the last Edguy album on this kind of question, too. I have no idea what that video's all about.
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seconding Spoon, as well.
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Shellac (wiki) is one of those "now for something completely different" kind of rock bands for me. Works when I don't really want to listen to anything. Angry, sarcastic and cynical. "1000 Hurts" is my personal favourite. You can try to hunt down their BBC session from various P2P networks as an introduction as well.
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Response by poster: seconding Spoon, as well.

Spoon is awesome, but not exactly new. I saw them for the first time in 1995, and they had been around a little while at that point.

Some of these other selections are awesome. Also thanks to the person who yousendit'ed me an mp3, that was incredibly thoughtful. Thanks so much!
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Best answer: Away from scenester rock, eh? It's hard to get further away (and stay guitar-driven) then European power metal. Dragonforce is British and a great to start. It's utterly over the top, but for me, that makes it even more delicious.

From there, you can sail to Gamma Ray, Edguy, Helloween, Stratovarius,
Blind Guardian, Elvenking, Nightwish, Skyclad.
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Best answer: Oh damn, Aberdeen City. Great to see someone bigging up a Boston band. I miss that rock scene so much. San Francisco is, sadly, nothing like it. I crave guitars.

In the same vein, I can recommend The Luxury. I will also never get tired of The Damnwells. Their last record is slightly less guitar-driven than their first, but if you can listen to I Am A Leaver, you'll see what I'm getting at. The one band I _have_ found in SF that has some good guitar work is The May Fire. Give 'em a listen.
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I second The Thermals. Excellent band with sing-along songs. If you like the punk vibe, check out The Bouncing Souls. Other good ones include Still Little Fingers, Lucero, The Sword and The Long Winters.
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I highly recommend The Mars Volta, 400 Blows and The National. I second The Bronx too.
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The Heartless Bastards. Great name, rockin' sound, and a female frontwoman.
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I second Ted Leo, and would add The Black Keys.
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Maybe a different perspective to what has been posted, but listen and watch in amazement to Rodrigo y Gabriela here and here. Also checkout the related videos on the right.
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American Princes are awesome rock n roll from Little Rock. Some tracks on that MySpace page and also on Seeqpod.
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I second The National, they are my absolute favorite band, and have been for several years. But I don't think of them as being very "guitar-driven," so I didn't mention them earlier. They are utterly incredible though. I will say that, for some people, they seem to require 5-10 listens before it "clicks."
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Go forth and listen to The Hold Steady immediately. Fist-in-the-air rock with sweet lyrics. You do have to get used to finn's voice and delivery, but if it grabs you, you'll love it.
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I'd like to recommend the Wildhearts. There are a couple of tracks from their 2007 release on their myspace page which I've linked to. Check out the song The Hard Way and Bi-Polar Baby. I went down a Wildhearts rabbit-hole of sorts this July and have yet to emerge.
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Ted Leo, The Thermals, and by god YES The Hold Steady.

You might also want to dig into some of the non-Uncle-Tupelo-influenced alt-country, more along the lines of Drive-By Truckers, Slobberbone, Bottlerockets, etc. Not new, but perhaps new to you.
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Best answer: Hard Rock, but a bit bluesy:
Five Horse Johnson
Backyard Tire Fire

Straight up metal:
The Sword
High on Fire
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It's definitely not quirky, shoegazing indie rock, and I know at least one that person likes Slayer but also Interpol and Franz Ferdinand.

And if you find that you thrash is as invigorating for you as it is for me, also check out Sepultura, The Haunted, and Municipal Waste. If you feel like something thrashy but more expansive, there's always Metallica and Megadeth.
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Sluts of Trust
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One more: Slunt live video here. Not that this has anything to do with it, but the singer is hot and I've met the guitar player and he's a cool MF.
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Steve Hill from Montreal is an unapologetic retro rocker and guitar god. Videos & sample tracks on the site.
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Avenged Sevenfold.
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The Black Lips
Seconding the earlier records of Against Me !
McLusky and Future of the Left
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Seconding Priestess! I have been listening to their album non-stop for a few months now! I haven't heard a lot of the new album yet, but Monster Magnet could work for you.
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I have to admit I am underwhelmed by some of the suggestions here. Not that my taste is better -- really -- it's just not exciting music to me, doesn't crank my tank.

Here are a few contributions:

Black Dice
Think About Life
Aids Wolf
Miracle Fortress
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Best answer: These are some new favorites that I came across recently. From the bands you listed, we have very similar taste in music. The first 3 are great especially MMJ, the Fratellis are ok but fit the mold and my roommate loves them.

My Morning Jacket

The Walkmen

The Hold Steady

The Fratellis

If you want to switch things up a little, I can't get enough of

LCD Soundsystem
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Jackson United (1, 2, 3)
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