Help Me Find Flick's Hat
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Where can I get a hat like this? I'm looking for an adult-sized hat exactly like this, with the goggles and everything. Thank you!
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The magic google term is "aviator helmet goggles".
While not identical you can come Pretty close with costume wear.

You can find replicas of real pilot wear.

You are unlikely to find Flick's hat as that is a repro of a toy/fad item made in the 40's or 50's. For better or for worse, there's more demand for a fra-gee-lay leg lamp than that hat.
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But aren't those goggles separate? They look like the snap on. Anyway, how about this? What requirements does the hat have to fulfill?
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I'd like it to be "real"--i.e., not "costumey". Plinth, that replica is pretty good, but I like Flick's round goggles.
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Buy a secksay leather flying cap and add round vintage googles.
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Flick's goggles are cosmetic, which makes it costumey doesn't it? You could also add these to the leather helmet.
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This beauty can be yours for only £270!
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I think Flick's goggles detach from where they are, and can be reattached lower, over the eyes.

Looks so far like iconomy has the best idea, but thanks everyone, for the answers. Please keep them coming!
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The GI Generation: A Memoir mentions these: "Another item in great demand was the seventy-five cent aviator cap. It looked real, with snap on goggles and ear-flaps that fastened under the chin. 'Just like Lindbergh!' we thought."

Probably never made for adults, the one in the movie is either a well preserved specimen from costuming or made specially. I think you may be able to find someone to make one for you with pleather and a deconstructed pair of goggles, but I doubt you'll be able to find an adult size vintage cap.
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All right, I'm gonna go with iconomy's suggestion. Thanks, everyone!
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