Voice over internal modem?
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Is it possible to use the modem in an iBook running Tiger to send and receive voice messages?

Is there any way to send sound (i.e. a song playing in itunes) over the internal modem? I know it is possible to hear what is going on in the modem but is it possible to send voice (not just data) over my macs internal modem with only software? What about low cost hardware to do this?
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To do what you want you need a voice capable modem, which internal Mac modems aren't. But there is a USB+software solution that looks like it does what you want, PhoneValet. And there's also CoMa X that requires an external modem. I haven't tried either one so I have no idea who well they work.
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Response by poster: But that is expensive I have a low budget.
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Mac's built-in modems just don't have the capability to do what you want, so even if the software was free you'd need to buy an external modem. These are pretty much the only options you have.
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