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I don't use blogger, but I post comments on a blog that does. I happen to run my own blog (impressed?), which I used to link through Blogger's "URL" field. Apparently Google has removed that field from the commenting form. Instead it goes to my "Blogger Profile" which of course is empty, and even if were full, it still couldn't link to my self-hosted blog. What is Google thinking? Anyhow, is OpenID my friend?
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Sorry for the long question. I consistently confused by which field serves what purpose!
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You can put your blog in your Blogger Profile. Just use some HTML to link to it. Maybe put the link in your "About Me" section. Some bloggers I know also put a link to their blog at the bottom of each post. Again, just paste HTML into the comment box to link to your site. Metafilter's HTML help will tell you how to link to your site.
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Just paste this in your profile or at the bottom of comments:
<a href="">My blog is at</a>

and it will look like this:

My blog is at
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Whoa, self hosted blog? Am I misunderstanding your question? Surely you know HTML, sorry if that's an insult.
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Thanks for the help, but yes, ALongDecember, I do know HTML! I just hasn't even considered putting a link the the About me. I'm more just indignant that I have to . I'd prefer it to go directly to my page as I'm sure there's a dramatic roll-off between people who would click the initial link, and then click again to access my webpage.

But if anyone has any experiences with OpenID, I'd like to hear them.
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I think what Google is thinking is that they are trying to dissuade spammers. Between link farms and comment spam, spammers have so seriously poisoned the well that the "Blogger" name is losing credibility and market value.
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I think Steven C. Den Beste is right about spamming being the causative factor. I'm pretty sure it has become more apparent in the last year with many blogspot sites changing over to the new (what was beta) widget system. Before that I would occasionally mouseover a commenter's linked names and it would be their homepage URL. Now it's always (seemingly) going to the blogger profile.

I get a little bit wary about people pasting in their hompage URL though. If I know them it's ok, but even then it still 'looks' a bit iffy or desperate or something. If I don't know them and their comment or their site is a bit suss I'll delete it.

Put your homepage URL in your blogger account profile anyway. Then it's a matter between you and the sites you comment at whether dropping the URL in the comment is cool or not.
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I would never put the url in the comment itself, just because like your said, it's kind of tacky.
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This was posted yesterday.
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