Targeting Hiring Managers
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Targeting Hiring Managers Through Online Professional Networks

Using Linkedin, I have been able to identify by name hundreds of hiring managers and/or other HR types at companies for which I would like to work. With their name, and general location, it is likely that I can find an address where I can get these individuals a personally addressed cover letter and resume. What are some unique, but professional ways I could target these individuals. Would it be better to do a paper mailing, or try to contact them online through their Linkedin accounts?
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If you are going to go the letter route, I think you should truly target just a few you really want to work for. Having hundreds is just prospecting. Plus, most companies are using online application forms and most only take applications when specific jobs are posted so you'd probably be wasting your time. A good targeted letter that shows you have done your research on the company and its product line/business. Don't do an email blast because it'll end up in the spam bin.
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Unless you are targeting HR jobs I wouldn't start there. Find the guy that would be your theoretical boss, or peer. Contact them and give them a great reason to take an interest in you. By the time HR is involved the actual hiring manager usually already has a few hand selected candidates in mind. You need to be one of those candidates if you really want to work there.

You won't be able to do this for hundreds of companies. Pick 5 at a time, do your research, make contact, cycle and repeat as necessary. It probably won't be a quick process.
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If they're on LinkedIn already and marked as hiring then direct contact would seem to be appreciated. Personally, though, if I get a random email about hiring I'll generally ignore it - whether it's from someone offering me a position, a recruiter with someone to tout or direct from an individual.

But. I do work for the kind of company that likes to think that it employs quirky, esoteric characters. A different CV/resumé which catches the eye - and by different I mean unusual jobs or career paths, not formatted weirdly and awesome design, font and colour choices - could well end up with some response because while I'm not looking at the moment, I'm always on the lookout for people who could be valuable to us.

As COD says, don't carpet bomb, if you go direct to people, go armed with a little knowledge about what it is you think they're looking for, what you have and why you're talking specificalyl to them. You've already said that there are reasons for you wanting to work there - but hundreds? It doesn't sound like you're particularly picky and any hint of that will get you deleted double quick.
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