Where's a photo booth in the twin cities?
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I'm looking for a photo booth near Minneapolis, MN or preferably, in the western suburbs (Minnetonka, Plymouth, etc.). A Google search brings up lots of people willing to rent out a photo booth but I just need a few pictures.

(I'm thinking of proposing inside the booth - imagine the camera catching her reaction!) I might consider this location, but the others listed at photobooth.net aren't that convenient, or romantic - Kmart?
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Response by poster: (she doesn't read AskMe, so no need for anonymity)
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Hmm...what about the photobooth at the Children's Museum in St. Paul? It is located near restaurants and other things in downtown so you taking her out and then nipping on over to the museum is not bad. Also they do have a free admission day. I am sure that if you explained to the staff what you would like to do that they would help you.
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The Turf Club in St. Paul has one, as does Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown. (The Kitty Cat Klub would be a beautiful place for a proposal!)
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Oops, just saw your link listed my suggestions. I'm still for the Kitty Cat Klub, though - you could do a romantic dinner at the Loring Pasta Bar or malts at Annie's, and then grab drinks at the Kitty Cat Klub.
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Last time I was at Kitty Kat Club (2 weeks ago) the photo booth was broken. I second the Turf Club.

BTW, my sister and her husband had an old fashioned photo booth at their wedding, and it was a huge hit! Just an idea, since you're proposing in one and all...carry on the theme!
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I love the turf, but I don't know if that'd be such a great place for a proposal. Nye's could be good.
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Response by poster: I'm leaning towards Nye's, I love that place. If there are other suggestions, keep them coming. I might consider renting a booth so I could choose any location (in coordination with the bar/restaurant), but that just seems expensive and more logistically challenging (esp. since we're coming home to MN for the holidays).
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Response by poster: Update: I decided to go with a different plan that afforded more privacy and time to enjoy the moment than 30 seconds in a photo booth offered. My brother did test out the booth at Nyes though, it is pretty fast, not allowing significant time to properly pose the question, but it makes some great photos!
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