You will know him by the shoes and watch he wears
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I am trying to understand the film, Eastern Promises. How authentic are the portrayals of the vory and ex-pat culture? With some googling I understand that the Russian spoken in the film was done well. But what about the rest?

I have been on a film watching spree and I was thinking about portrayal and perception. Eastern Promises is a film that bears watching again but I wanted to know how caricature the mannerisms, dress and speech are of the various characters. With gangster films using the Italian-America mob as its premise I can tell what is over the top caricature but the Russian/Ukrainian/Slavic stuff escapes me.

Sorry if this is chatty. Its slow at my office.
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The one Russian guy I heard talking about it said nothing about it being unrealistic or fake. Not much of a data-point, but...
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I've heard that Mortgenson's tattoos in the movie are highly realistic. Apparently, after months getting into character, he showed up at a Russian restaurant visibly displaying the tattoos. The whole place went dead silent.

He's probably lucky that he didn't get himself killed.
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good interview with Cronenberg here, where he touches on the subject
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Response by poster: The interview is no longer available.
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