I'm 30 years old and don't know how to dress myself
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Where can a tall woman go to buy a dress for a company holiday party tomorrow that she forgot all about until today? The person in question is in Lawrence, KS.

So my conservative, medium-sized (40-ish people) company is throwing their annual holiday party tomorrow and I don't have a thing to wear. The 2 dresses that I own have been worn in past company parties and I don't want to be seen in the same thing twice. The party has no theme, no entertainment, and consists only of a dinner and gift exchange. It will be held in an old theater that is commonly used for such events.

I live in Lawrence, KS. I'm 6' 1" tall and slender. I prefer to shop the local stores but any big-box that has clothing for the taller set will be considered. Cost is no issue. I'm looking for something a little less formal than evening or cocktail attire. Bonus points if the store has helpful salespeople that will help me find something that actually fits.

Good lord I HATE shopping.
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The Standard Style has locations on both the Plaza and in Town Center in Leawood. They run a large Internet business and their fashion sense is West Coast, where the Midwest generally runs East Coast in all fashionable / high end stores. But that's probably more than you were wondering. Oh, and a lot of things are 75% off.

I would call the store number before the Internet number and explain the situation. There Internet catalog is unusually good about having everything they have in the store. When I went there they were exceedingly honest to me and gave me suggestions about other area stores that would help cater to me.

Just explain your dimensions and that it is a holiday party, ask them to have some things ready for you and you should be good to go. But everytime I went in there, all the women seemed to be 6"1' and slender and exceedingly fashionable.
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You could also try Macy's. I think most locations have personal shoppers that should be able to pick out a selection of things for you to try and give you advice.
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Weaver's, right downtown. I'm not well-acquainted with their women's apparel, but they have a good selection of dressy stuff for men (I bought a real nice suit from them).
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You might try Talbots at 646 Vermont. Good for conservative threads and great on service since their prices are a bit higher - however, their clothes will last forever. They may not have Talls, but here's what I'd do (I am about 5'11") - Go for a nice 3/4 sleeve length dressy sweater in a color that you like and get a longer skirt of any sort in black. Wear black hose and shoes. They should have some nice jewelery to accent if you don't have any already and a maybe a pashmina wrap for that 'holiday drama'.

Oak Park Mall in Overland Park (95th & Quivera) should have something if Talbots doesn't have anything for you. Good Luck!
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I've bought some awfully cute dresses at Wild Man Vintage and Arizona Trading Company on my annual pilgrimages to Lawrence.
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