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San Francisco Metafiltereans: I am looking for recommendations as to particular structures/buildings of importance in terms of modern/modernist architecture & design. I'm trying to put together a good-sized photo essay of under-appreciated or little-known modern sites and structures in the bay area for, which I'm nominally editor of now, and if anyone could suggest places off the beaten path I'd be immensely appreciative.

Actually, don't just restrict yourself to the city; I'm including Frank Lloyd Wright's Marin Civic Center, of course, so anything across the water in the EB or generally nearby is fair game.
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Well, there's the obvious SF MOMA and the Pyramid, there's that bulding next to the Embarcadero Center with the exposed framework (which I've seen featured in some modernist architechure books, but it still looks butt ugly to me), there's Coppola's building, the Coit tower, Japantown center, and the Place of Fine Art, for starters.
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The Jukebox Marriott
The Jack London Townhouses (in South Park)
388 Market (nr. North Beach)
The New Main Library
The new lofts at Haight & Scott
102 Laidley St.
Oceanside Water Pollution Control Project on Great Hwy.
Cottage Row on California Street
California Palace of the Legion of Honor
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that streamlined Deco building near Ghiradelli (the maritime museum?)

i'm not sure which street it is but it's very wide, and goes downhill from market st in SoMa...there's parking in the middle--some great buildings on it.

some of those scummy apartment (flophouse?) buildings in the tenderloin are wonderful too.

this (altho it may be more pomo)
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IANAA, but I've been told that the UCSF library UCSF library on Parnassus is a postmodern building, in addition to being a really great library and quiet study spot.

When you say modern, I'm not sure what period you mean - if deco is included, certainly you can't do better than 450 Sutter , especially the lobby, and the Oakland Paramount (both designed by Pfluger, I think).
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