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Where can one buy edible flowers from a reputable vendor in New York?

I know we can probably eat florist-bought pansies and the like without much trouble, but I'd prefer a place that sells pesticide- and manure-free flowers for the purpose of eating. I can settle for an organic florist, I suppose, but it would be neat to get some from a vendor who's sold consumable flowers before.
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The Whole Foods in Washington DC used to carry them, near the fresh herbs. I've seen other upscale markets do the same.
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Do you mean New York City? If so, there isn't a Wegman's in the city, but there are some in New Jersey, and they sell flowers intended for food.
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The union sq farmer's market has a vendor who sells organic edible flowers - he's always there on saturdays, not sure if he comes on M-W-F, but the market is there 4 days a week. He also sells other salad greens.
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Ditto to what occhiblu said. I've seen them at the Whole Foods in Boston as well.
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I've seen them in the produce market at Chelsea Market.
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they'll be in the produce department of any good grocery store: gourmet garage, whole foods, fairway....

in the summer you can also get them at some of the farmer's markets.
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Also, Grace's, Balducci's, EAT, Fairway, and the nicer Food Emporiums all have them in the produce section.
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Of the stores mentioned, Fairway is the winner for quality vs. price. The Fairway on 74th & Broadway, especially its 2nd floor, sells all the same brands Whole Foods sells, typically at 20% or 40% less for exactly the same product.
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