A "Task Manager" for Bandwidth (for Windows 2000)?
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I'd like to know which applications on my computer are using how much of my internet connection's bandwidth. Something like Task Manager for bandwidth. Any recommendations for something free for Win2K that's easy to install, use, and uninstall? Or is there a built-in utility I'm missing?
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Well, there's Down2Home, which will monitor and log how much bandwidth total you are using, but it doesn't tell you how much each individual program might be using.
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Netlimiter does what you want (and also lets you limit the bandwidth for a particular application). Not free, but you can download a trial version.
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Er, yeah. Sorry about that. I'm using a proxy that encrypts URLs, and I guess it encrypted the URL I linked in my post. Thanks for the correction, jessamyn.
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Netlimiter is neat, but it doesn't come free ($30).
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[yeah ... I saw you said it wasn't free, two seconds after I pressed post - sigh.]
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Is there anything similar to Netlimiter under OS X?
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If you just want the limiting functions, for Mac OS X you can look at throttled, although it apparently is port-based rather than application-based. Still, particular ports are typically associated with applications.
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Thanks kindall! I will see if I can figure it out.
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