As much as I enjoy getting medical advice from the internet. . .
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YANAD, but maybe you can help me find one: Any doctor recommendations in Brooklyn/lower Manhattan?

I'm looking for a primary care physician who:
-accepts Healthy NY through Empire (Blue Cross/Blue Shield)
-will take care of the routine gynecological stuff
-can also be the primary care physician for my husband (sans the routine gynecological stuff)
-is convenientish to the general vicinity of Park Slope
-is accepting new patients now
-is preferably a woman, although that preference isn't strong

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You might take this question over to the folks at I have gotten many a good doctor recommendation there.

My PCP in Manhattan (at Union Square, which I found convenient to Prospect Heights) was Dr. David Hammer of Gramercy Park Physicians. If I could, I would give that man a Best Doctor I've Ever Seen in My Entire Life or Will Probably Ever See Again award. If you can let go of your female doctor preference (or perhaps your husband might prefer to see a male doctor), well, I never miss any opportunity to say wonderful things about the care, courtesy, and references to specialists I've received from Dr. Hammer.

I have referred several patients to his office who have not had any problem being accepted as new patients, I believe they accept your (and almost all) insurance.
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i went to murray hill ob/gyn for my ladyparts and had no complaints. for primary care, i went to chitra gopa on 8th ave. she is primarily a cardiologist (although she can certainly also handle a case of strep throat or whatever), but her partner (name escapes me--very complicated german name that started with "pf") is a regular internist. both are very competent, nice, sympathetic people who don't rush you.

alternatively, you might try methodist and see what they offer in the way of private's nice to consolidate your records whenever possible, so if you can see a gyn and an internist in the same system, it's helpful.
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I recommend Village Primary Care, the office is on 14th St and 8th Ave in Manhattan and is fairly convenient to get to from Brooklyn. Dr Travis there is a good doctor and does the primary care and gyno care. Not sure if she's taking on new patients, but I really liked her when I lived in New York and miss her and my Dr. now that I'm gone.
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I don't live there and don't know him but I would give a call to Jay Parkinson. I have read his site and his approach sounds very original and interesting.
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Response by poster: Brooklynian! Why didn't I think of that!

Thanks for the recs, folks, I'll look into them.
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