Buddy, are you rolling in pomade when i'm not around?
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I want to see what my cats do when I'm not around... from their perspective. I know we discussed Mr. Lee and his cat-cam before... I'm wondering if I can do this with my home wifi and a battery powered webcam? Any ideas?
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Yes, I've actually done this before. I used a 2.4 GHz wireless video camera from Fry's that can operate using a 9 volt battery. I taped it up to my dog's collar using duct tape. Then I downloaded some free video streaming software that actually turns your computer into a web server. Then I watched my dog all day at work. He slept all day... Not very exciting.

Oh yeah, the 9 volt battery didn't last the entire day. It died after about 6 hours.
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Awesome. We are leaving our cats for christmas week and I have always wanted to do this.

If it's anything like when I stay home from work though, they probably just sleep all day.
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