Best format for MP3/WMA car CD player?
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I just bought a new car stereo that plays MP3/WMA cds. My question: which format is better in the car?
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MP3s are better in my opinion because WMA as a format is clunky in terms of flexibility to move things around. I prefer MP3s, because once you've converted a CD to MP3, you can pretty much use it with MP3/WMA-CD players, MP3/AAC-CD Players, iPod, various other MP3 players, etc.
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I don't think it really matters much. Recent listening tests have placed LAME mp3 above WMA at similar bitrates, but as you mention this will be played in the car where these very minor differences will be difficult or impossible to hear.

Personally I would choose MP3 because it's more compatible. Someday I might take the CD wallet full of music to a friend's house, and his Apex DVD player might not play WMAs, but it will play MP3s. Basically any device that plays only one of the two formats will play MP3.
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what system did you buy?
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I'm with hashashin: MP3's are more universally compatible, plus you eliminate any possible DRM issues. (I know, that last point may change eventually.) And LAME is the way to go.
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Response by poster: pinto: I bought the Panasonic CQ-C1300U. Not kickass, but the price was nice, and it does the trick.
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