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To those of you with greeting card aspirations: my mom works at a small college and has been tasked with coming up with a message for birthday cards that will be sent from the president to all school employees through out the year.

Last year, I wrote this for her at it went over well. But frankly, I can't think of anything at the moment.

I want to wish you the best for your birthday, and thank you for your contributions to Metafilter College. The success of our school relies on the efforts of many people, and I am glad that you are part of our team. Enjoy your special day.

The president is very buttoned up, and the school is in a quasi-rural, conservative area of the US.
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Does the college and/or president have any sort of real mission, either short term or long term? I think that, if the president is sincere about the mission -- and he probably will be -- then specifically thanking them for ___________ (helping to fulfil part of the mission, stated in a non-cheesy way somehow) could be really great. "Non-cheesy" is tricky, of course, but if you'll give us a sense of the mission I'll try to take a whack at it.

My first thought with these sorts of things is always to ask questions and understand what's really going on in people's real worlds.
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*Metafilter College* - where do I apply? Is my CV my favorites? Is my personal statement my "about" section on my userinfo? Let me in! Let me in!

"Each year our institution grows and flourishes because of all you do. I celebrate your efforts as you do the same here at Green College. Happy birthday!"

It would have been better, but all I can think about now is MeFi College.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help! The mission is pretty generic. This is a small state school that has grown considerably over the last few years, but is primarily made up of kids who couldn't get into better schools, kids who don't want to leave the area, or returning students. The president has handed this to my mom because he's not all that interested (she ends up writing and sending all of cards anyway).
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Best answer: How about something like:

"A very happy birthday to you. I hope that in the coming year Mefi College helps you realise your dreams and be the best that you can be."
"Birthdays are always a great time to reflect on our progress, and look forward to new challenges. Enjoy your day and good luck for the coming year."
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