iPhone to iPhoto: that syncing feeling
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About 150 pictures on my iPhone need to be in iPhoto '08 on my MacBook. I can email them individually to myself of course, but there has to be a better way. How do you move a bunch of images off the iPhone and into iPhoto?
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Best answer: When you plug your iPhone into your MacBook, does iPhoto automatically start?

If not, what happens when you launch iPhoto when your iPhone is plugged in? Does your iPhone show up as a "camera" in the left-hand panel?
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Best answer: My iPhoto doesn't automatically start when I plug my iPhone in, but if I have it loaded when I plug it in, it'll ask me whether I want to import them - click the button, and there you go.
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Response by poster: iPhoto doesn't launch automatically, but when I started it with the phone plugged in it reached out and grabbed the pictures. Thanks very much.
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BTW, I believe that when you email a photo from your iPhone it's reducing the resolution when it sends it out. So sending an email with your photo as an attachment will reduce the quality of your image. It's best to bring into iPhoto when you connect your iPhone to your computer.
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