Where is this batman panel from?
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There's a Batman panel I have a clear, but possibly flawed memory of.. where is it from?

Likely written well after, but taking place shortly after The Killing Joke, I have a clear image of Barbara Gordon, in the hospital, talking to Batman (or possibly Bruce Wayne), realizing she'll never walk again, never be batgirl again, that this incident has derailed her entire planned existence, and essentially saying something to the effect of "I've heard when the police pulled up, you were standing there laughing with the man who did this to me, and I wanted to know.. were you laughing at me?" Where is this from? It can't just be in my head, can it?
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No, I remember something like this too, just not the source . . . Have you tried the "Birds of Prey" series? Maybe?
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I recall this as well, although I can't supply you with the actual issue. If I remember rightly, this scene occurred in a flashback, possibly in one of the Secret Origins books.
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