Spicy Squid Bits? YUM?
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Filipino food filter: What do I do with my Spicy Squid Bits?

Bought two cans of Saba Sisig Spicy Squid Bits (last item on page). What can I do with them? I understand what Sisig means, basically, it's like chopped fatty innards, kinda like chitterlings, and usually not squid-based. What do you eat sisig, especially of a squid variety, accompanied with? How do you prepare it? Recipes please! Salamat!
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Why not just throw it into a nice seafood stir fry?
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Response by poster: Looking for traditional recipes and pairings! I could surely eat them on a Vietnamese sandwich or in pho, ramen or stir fry, but that can be said of anything.
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What's not traditional about making a stir fry? Isn't that what they'd most likely do with squid bits and soy sauce in most of SE Asia?

Perhaps you are looking instead for something unconventional? In that case why not pick the squid bits out, put them on a skewar and grill them over a charcoal flame using a little of the left over sauce as a marinade?

How about draining them, washing most of the sauce off and them soaking them in a path of rice vinegar, chopped garlic, chopped lemon grass and lemon juice for a couple of days and then eating them as a sort of asian fusion squid vinegarette/cheviche?
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Best answer: saute to a light crisp in a super hot cast iron frying pan, throw in an egg right at the end if you feel like it. serve with garlic fried rice. perfection! that's all i would do, that's all you really need.
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Best answer: Traditional prep often includes adding diced raw onions and chilis on top after frying on the cast iron pan/skillet as lia described. Serve with sliced lime(s) for a squeeze of acidity if desired. Lots of preparation photos on flickr here.
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Ooh that sounds fantastic! Now I want Spicy Squid Bits!
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