Wo kann ich Gespräche auf Deutsch in New York finden?
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I want to find native German speakers to practice conversation with in New York.

This summer, I went to Germany to take language courses after a few crash courses. During that time my German improved by leaps and bounds. Now, I fear that the skill is fading. I have a job where I deal with many many tourists a day in a museum. Whenever I hear them speaking German, I get very excited and try to engage them in conversation. Unfortunately, these often end up being half in English und halb auf Deutsch, because I'm so out of practice.

Is there a program where I could find native German speakers to converse with on a regular basis? Should I be looking for German exchange students at a college in the city? Danke.
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When I took German at NYU, we would often leave class early to "practice" at Zum Schneider. Waitstaff is mostly German-speaking, and so are a healthy percentage of the patrons.
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Best answer: Speaking of NYU, their Deutsches House on Washington Mews hosts a number of excellent events throughout the year, many of which are open to the public.
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Best answer: Deutsches Hous at Columbia University.
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Best answer: Goethe-Institut in NY can also probably help.
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If you can't find anything right away, my colleague told me that he calls hotels in Germany and asks about facilities to practice his skills.
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Jquinby ist korrect. Du sollst die Goethe-Institute telephonieren.
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Loreley kannst Du auch versuchen.
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Rolf's Bar. Silver Swan. Mehr hier.
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My wife was kind of involved in a German parents group from Park Slope... Three of the members (us included) have left, but I know a bunch are still left... I'm not sure where they meet-up, but maybe lurk the ParkSlope Message Boards.
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