Black stuff in peanuts
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What is this black, salty, bug-eggy powder that I find in about 1 of 10 peanuts when I crack them open?

I generally enjoy salty stuff, but the possibility that these are bug eggs sorta disgusts me. Can anybody shed some light on this?
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One in ten from the same source? Or just generally?

A list of peanut diseases here, FWIW.

Gah, I hate to cry wolf, but if I were you I wouldn't eat those.
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Disclaimer: I am not a peanut farmer - all links via Google. Peanut pests doesn't have any mention of the laying of eggs inside the peanut. I suppose it could be a mould, maybe Sclerotinia minor (from here) or Aspergillus Niger. Enjoy ;-)
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I can't find sources, but usually it is just char from being at the bottom of the roaster.
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Thanks folks. Yes, consistently over the years from different sources. It's probably not char from the roaster because the particles are round ("eggy") and located *inside* the peanut.

Probably, as tellurian guesses, a mold.
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