School dance costume ideas?
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A school dance is fast approaching, and we don't know what to wear! Help!

My school has a "Sadie Hawkins" dance, where the girls ask the guys, to mix things up. Couples are supposed to attend with "matching" clothing. The definition of matching is very broad. It could range from simply matching shirts, to full matching court regalia, and everything in between. My date and I are looking for fun, relatively simple, relatively cheap costume ideas that will wow the crowd or maybe make them giggle. Famous couples, clever puns and witticisms, creative/quirky/artsy/nonsense costumes, and all the other thoughts that come to the Hive mind are welcome.
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What about Freud and his mom?
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You can dress as a Freudian slip. He can dress like Freud and you can wear a slip dress.
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This thread might help. Also, there are lots of posts about costumes under the tags "costume" and "halloween".
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I'm going to go the other direction. I suggest making it simple and powerful. I see that you are the gentleman. Find a black jacket for yourself and some black pants--depending on how out there you usually, dress, you could try nice subtle velour or other soft fabric--Do not get a suit, but two shades of black that are relatively close. Now, your girlfriend gets a relatively similar shade of black dress. You both wear black shoes. Yours should be a casual dress shoe (no boots, sneakers or work things).

You wear a white pocket square (cotton hankerchief) really subtly and casually with a tiny hint of ruffled handkerchief just poking above the pocket. If you get out on the dance floor, pull it out a bit. She should wear a simple, real white flower in the exact same side and spot as your handkercheif.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I realize it's not clear in my question, but I'm the guy. I guess that's not really relevant though.
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My husband and I have had "couples" costumes for the past few Halloweens. We've gone as Buffy and Spike, Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Chairman Kaga and Iron Chef Sakai, Ned Kelly and the Jolly Swagman, and the Mythbusters.
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Tentacle monster and Japanese schoolgirl!
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chiquita banana lady and a banana! wow, were we ever popular that night...
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You're going to be closely supervised, so nothing that will get you bounced, let alone anything that will get you on Fark. Unless you want to get onto Fark. :)

Gomez and Morticia Addams
King and Queen of Hearts (as on the standard deck of cards)
Depending on your relative physiques, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (draw a red line around her neck with a sharpie and add black sharpie stitches)
Captain Hook and Peter Pan (may be a little too subversive)
Homer and Marge Simpson
Superman and Lois Lane (again, depends on your physiques)
Colonel Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman (yeah, you're too young to get that, I know, but the teachers will love it, if that's of any interest)
Granny Weatherwax and Mustrum Ridcully
Generic televangelist couple
Jesus and Mary Magdalene (may be a little too subversive)
Dog and cat
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I'm a teacher and our school has this every year. Last year, three couples in tutus and tank tops were huge hits; a couple in MIB-style suits had a great time. Have fun, keep it cheap and have fun.
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I loved Sadies in high school. My boyfriend and I went once as King & Queen of Hearts (mentioned previously) -- it was pretty easy. Burger King crowns, iron-on t-shirt designs, and jeans. Other than that, I think I normally copped out and went with matching t-shirts and matching converse.

Cute couples I can think of from memory:
Ying & Yang
Fork & spoon
Blue & Yellow (from The Used song of the same name-- they had "never gonna find it" & "if you're looking for it" on the shirts)

...Thing 1 & Thing 2?
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I'm going to link to a previous AskMeFi answer that I've given. That question was about matching costumes also, so check out the whole thread while you're at it.

yeeeeeeeeeeeap yip yip yip yip yip uh-huh uh-huh
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