Where'd Luanne's baby go?
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What happened with Luanne's pregnancy on King of the Hill?

I missed parts of seasons 10 and 11 of King of the Hill. I remember Luanne and Lucky being engaged and I think I remember them getting married. I definitely remember Luanne being very pregnant. But now she's not and there's been no mention of a baby in season 12. Can anyone tell me what happened? Did she give it up for adoption?

(I tried scanning the episode summaries on TV.com but they didn't illuminate. And the Wikipedia article seems to be out of date.)

Bonus points if you can name the specific episode that dealt with the birth/fate of the child.

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Best answer: She's still pregnant. There was a new episode a few weeks ago in which she swallowed a watermelon seed and was afraid that now the baby would be half watermelon.

FOX could be running episodes out of order, but I believe what has happened is that when the writers started the Luanne pregnancy storyline the series was slated for cancellation. They didn't have to worry about following it up. Then at the eleventh hour FOX renewed the series, meaning that the writers have to come up with something for Luanne and Lucky after all. My guess is that they slowed the pregnancy down so they could get more mileage out of the plot.
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Best answer: They celebrate the first trimester in this episode from November 11, 2007.
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Response by poster: Ahh, okay, I must have confused Luanne with Cotton's wife or something. Coulda sworn I saw an episode where she was like eight months pregnant.

Well that clears up a lot. Thnanks Servo5678 and yeti!
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hjo - we tivo king of the hill, and one of the stations recently reran the episodes where cotton's wife had the baby, so its easy to see how it might get confused.
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