How to send a bulk email to my community that doesn't come across as spam
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I need help devising an enticing email invite for users to view my social network reboot. Anyone have a suggestion for a tongue & cheek crowd beyond the "Check out our new.." retoric?
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That's tongue in cheek, unless you are talking about head cheese.

Could you be more specific re the "social network reboot"? that sounds like an euphemism for 'a dumping old friends for new'.
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The basic information in the message has to be the benefit to the user. It starts with describing what your site does that the users are not getting elsewhere. (Without that, there is nothing but variations of "Check out our new site.") Once you've identified what that is, then you can come up with fun ways to say it.
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One would think you would have determined why your network tanked the first time around. Such insight would lead you to a direction to entice people to join.
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If the people on your email list are anything like me, unless the title of your email gives them some reason to open it, they will just delete it and put you on their spam list. In my opinion bulk email is going to be relatively ineffective in general. Unless the invite is coming directly from their friend and it has the friend's name in the title, there's no reason for them to join "yet another social network". I can't give you any more specific advice because I don't know anything about what makes your social network different from all the rest.
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"We've changed for the better...have you? Tell everyone at"
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My inbox is one of the last places I want to receive advertising. The *only* time I have visited a website discovered through my email is when it comes from a suggestion from a mailing list. For your advertising, think recommendation from like minded people, and stay away from my damn inbox.
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I'm not sure what the scale or budget of your social network is, but if it's your living you might want to consider hiring a copywriter to write it for you. (Or marketing communications specialist or whatever the hell we're supposed to be calling ourselves now.)

They'll be able to help you do three things:

1. Craft an effective message with your network in mind.
2. Avoid the usual "Here we grow again" garbage.
3. Avoid inbox blindness. (Though, this will be inevitable to a certain extent.)

Following on from 3, a good copywriter will help you craft messages for other channels which may be more effective.

I can recommend a few. Email in profile.
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Nth Sufi to the Nth.
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