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What are some websites popular with Miami hipsters? Like the Miami equivalent of The Stranger in Seattle or The Village Voice in NYC. Has to be a website or some other online resource, though.
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Without knowing anything at all about Miami or Miami hipsterdom, let me suggest the Miami New Times (found via a Google search for "Miami free weekly") as an equivalent to The Stranger. As a bit of supporting evidence, their Monday Morning Music Fix blog entry for this week includes references to Stephen Malkmus, the Von Bondies, a New Pornographer, Goldfrapp, and Super Furry Animals.
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Closer covers a lot of Miami events, although it tends to skew Northwards towards Delray, the hipster oasis of Palm Beach County.
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Also, what mhum said.
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Critical Miami
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Social Miami

Gen Art not what you are looking for but will prob have some cool fun stuff to do :)
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