Travel health insurance for US Expats
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Where can I, an expatriate US citizen, get travel health insurance that will cover me while I'm traveling in the States?

I asked my insurance agent here in Austria if he could set me up with travel health insurance for my annual trip to the US. He sent me a policy which looked great, until I read the fine print. The policy will cover me worldwide, outside of Austria and any country of which I am a citizen. I'm still a US citizen, but Austria has been my place of primary residence for 7 years.

Is there any way for me to get travel insurance that will cover me while I'm in the US?
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I've lived in Europe for five years and I always use for trips home. There are a lot of different options there and you should be able to find one which works for you. Also, did you check whether your current plan (if you're with an insurance agent, I assume you've gone private) covers you for emergency treatment in the US? The one I've got in Germany covers trips up to six weeks.
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John Ingle Insurance specializes in health insurance for people outside of their country of residence. I've been happy on the occasions when I used their services (though the most recent was 10 years ago). It's a Canadian company and I'm Canadian but from a quick glance at the web site it looks like they should have a product that's suitable for you.
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short term health insurance plans can be for anywhere from 1-12 months (you decide), and are usually much simpler to get than permanent coverage. You fill in a brief form, and can have coverage within a couple days.
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I just moved back to the US and bought short-term health insurance - I used Assurant. I didn't need to claim, so can't vouch for them completely.
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Best answer: I've always used World Nomads for my travel insurance. It's very easy to do online, and they will cover you in the States. Never had to file a claim, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the good answers. It's hard to pick a best, but I went with World Nomads, so Pater Atheleias gets the nod.

Hopefully I won't have occasion to comment on how they handle claims :)
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