BlackBerry Curve: How do i get rid of glitches in syncronization?
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I got a BB Curve for my birthday a few months ago, and I love it. Contacts and tasks seem to synchronize well. However, there are few problems with calendar synchronization that I find very frustrating.

Right now, it seems that everything in Outlook on my computer overwrites what is in my BB, whenever I sync them. Also, I can add new events on my BB, but they do not appear in Outlook after the sync – they continue to only exist on the device. I need any different events from Outlook and from the device to be merged together, so BOTH appear BOTH in Outlook AND on the device.

Also, sometimes, the same event appears twice in my BB (although it only occurs once).

Should I be talking to my carrier about these issues? This seems to be the problem with the software itself… Should I be contacting Research In Motion (company that makes BB)?

Please let me know if anyone had similar problems and was able to resolve them.
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Check a couple things. Connect your BlackBerry and open Desktop Manager.

1. In your Desktop Manager double click Synchronize

2. Click on the Configuration Tab in the window that comes up.

3. Click the Configure Synch button.

4. Click on Calendar, then click the Choose button.

5. Make sure you have Microsoft Outlook chosen under Available Applications.

6. Under Operation make sure you have Synchronize checked.

It sounds like you might have Import or Export checked right now. That should help but if it doesn't, you can feel free to email me (email in profile) and I can walk you through other steps.

You can call your carrier and they should also be able to walk you through fixing this. If they can't help you only then would you be connected to RIM, but your carrier should be able to solve it in this case.
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I also have a BB Curve, which I love except for this problem. It went so far as to erase all of my non-repeating calendar entries. I'm still trying to figure out what went missing. I have all of the synch stuff set up correctly, as best I can tell, and never had this problem with my previous BBerry. It gives me double entries, but only for some things, and I haven't been able to get it to not do so. I'm working off a Mac, so use the PocketMac software for synching, but it should still work.

Not a very helpful answer, I know, but a lot of sympathy, and I'll be eagerly checking this thread for answers.
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Best answer: Oh also, you may require the Calendar patch.

Instructions on how to download/install are here.

You may also be able to fix the problem by upgrading your device software, instructions for that are here.

You should be able to download the newest version from your carriers site.

Hope that helps.
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