Help me find some funny vids!
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I need gag vids. The kind that start all sweet and innocent and then the monster jumps out and stuff like that. Another is the kind in which your computer is "taking a picture" of you but the picture is actually of a monkey. Please see...

My kid's science teacher has started a war with us. Help my boys and I fill up an arsenal so we can kick his butt!!

(And please no sex. I'd love to hit him with the goatse bomb, but it's just not right in this situation.)

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: There's this one, where a shoot for a car commercial caught an alleged ghost. It's kinda subtle, so you might need to watch closely a few times, but I think it satisfies the "monster" requirement.
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Best answer: Here is a good collection.
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Response by poster: Woo Hoo! Thanks guys.
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I'm kinda partial to this, even though it's technically not advertised as a video.
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What's wrong with this picture?
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Wow it only took until the end of the month to read this post, but here is my submission, for what it's worth: Electric Shock Prank
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